DebtBuddy is a payment solution that saves customers

money by reducing the amount of interest they pay on consumer debt.

Using our financial algorithms, DebtBuddy automatically analyzes and

optimizes the payment of consumer debt, potentially eliminating

thousands of dollars and multiple years from the life of the debt.

Our mission is to help 100 million people

Become Debt Free.

Nancy, a single mom with 2 kids, wants her money to go further.

With a mortgage, car loan and student loan, she has $305,000 of debt.

Using DebtBuddy, Nancy can eliminate over $67,000 and 168 months of payments from her debt term.

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James and Cynthia, married with 2 kids want to save more for retirement.

Between a mortgage, 2 car loans and a student loan, they have $862,000 of debt.

Using DebtBuddy they are able to eliminate over $155,000 in interest payments and 100 months from their debt term.

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How It Works

Any bank or payment system can passively make online bill payments. DebtBuddy actively looks to pay consumer debt in the most efficient way. By analyzing the debt, DebtBuddy then creates a debt reduction strategy and optimizes the way it will pay of the debt, saving consumers tons on interest while eliminating months or even years of debt payments.


Our Algorithms Automatically Analyze and Optimize the Payments on Consumer Debt


Bank Level Security,
Set it and Forget it Payments
Or Activate Payments
When you Want


Eliminate Interest and Months of Payments While Watching Your Net Worth Grow

DebtBuddy Empowers Every Dollar for You

Our mission is to help 100 million people become debt free.

See How Much You Can Save

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